Dealing With Anxiety And Crazy Landlords!

Hello my amazing readers! First off I want to apologize for my major disappearing act of 2017! I want to thank you all who are still subscribed to my blog and continue to watch my YouTube channel (you can check it out here and please subscribe), I appreciate you all more than you know.

Now, it’s time for me to first and foremost explain the reason for my disappearing; ANXIETY! Ever since I was young I have always dealt with anxiety flare ups from time to time. I always feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest at any given moment, I feel faint, I can’t eat, I can sleep, and my brain tends to make up scenarios that are not true and or never happened (I’m sure that sounds crazy, I should be studied). Out of nowhere these past two months my anxiety decided it was time to pay Ms. Amanda a nice little visit.

Being that I have not suffered from an Anxiety attack in about 3 years…I did not know how to handle it at all. I got totally freaked out. I was NOT sleeping, I was dizzy all the time, I could not go out in public (totally the opposite of me), and I stopped eating because I literally could not eat. I lost about 8 pounds obviously not in a healthy way at all. I had zero clue how to gain control of myself. It was terrible, picture the ending of Girl Interrupted with Lisa Rowe when she traps Suzanna in the creepy basement with Polly and Georgina and Suzanna tells Lisa thats she dead inside…that end freak out of Lisa Rowe was yours truly every single day.

However, after a month and a half of deep breathing, deactivating most of my social media accounts, and regaining control of my wild brain…I’m doing okay, baby steps.

I’m finally back into my old routine of quick whit, laughing (and truly meaning it), working (bless my job for their patience), and just being who and what I truly am, an extremely happy go lucky person who loves to shop.

With all of this being said, I have some exciting and some what terrifying news! It’s looking like yours truly will be moving out of her parents place and moving into an apartment with her boyfriend;


What I plan on doing is keeping you all up to date with our apartment hunting and telling you guys our crazy experiences thus far. In fact, why don’t I do that RIGHT NOW and tell you the crap we just dealt with.

So, Connor (boyfriend) has been living at this same place for about 3 years. He lives in a cute and cozy, super affordable studio apartment. On the ‘grounds’ or maybe ‘lot’ if you will, to the left of the drive way entrance in the far back there is Connor’s studio, or what I like to call it, cabin in the woods, then there is his landlords house which is super cute (on the inside), now, face straight ahead on the entrance and there is a garage with an apartment right on top of it.

For about a year Connor and I have been pondering the idea of moving in together, obviously the adult in me is saying absolutely! Yet the child in me is pulling a Timmy Turner saying I want my mom and dad!


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Connor’s landlord, let’s called her, Margaret, has been offering us the apartment above the garage every other 2-3 months with different f****** prices for it. The prices go up and down each time. As of lately, I finally decided that it is now or never, I should at least experience the feeling of not living at home whether it is for one year or more because one day, that will obviously happen that I can’t go home anymore.

Recently, Connor asked Margaret, how much would the apartment be for me and Amanda? Margaret answered; “I’ll cut you a deal $800 a month for you two.”

We said “Great, we will check it out this weekend when she stays over. We’ll come ask you for the key on Saturday or Sunday.”

It is Sunday so Connor said, “Hey Margaret, can we have the key to check out the apartment?” She gave it to us no problem at all. The walk up from the downstairs to the apartment was something that I would picture a serial killer living in just because it was dark, dingy, run down, and the wooden stairs were steep and just…not safe! The apartment itself had tenants who left on bad terms so they kinda let the place go (that’s a whole other story, please let me know if you would like to hear about it, I would love to tell you guys). However, it was really nice, once it would have been SCRUBBED down with bleach everywhere it would have been absolutely perfect.

You guys…that living room you guys…oh my god I’m still not over this. That living room was my DREAM living room, like the rest of the house could have completely sucked (it partially did) but the LIVING ROOM would be what saved it (and it did). It was massive and had vaulted ceilings just…wow. The bedroom was not a bad size either believe me! Again all this place needed was a top to bottom scrub down, carpet cleaning, paint job and some furniture eventually and it would have been home for only $800.00.

So, now Monday comes and obviously I need and want my mommy’s opinion (shout out to you Catherine) and Connor goes to Margaret:

“Hey Margaret can I get the keys to the apartment, Amanda is going to show her mom.”

Margaret says, “I already left them for you on the table, go on up!”

So I meet Connor upstairs with my mom. I will say this; to all of my Gilmore Girls fans, you will know this reference, when my mom first walked in and saw the stairs leading up to the apartment it was like the scene where Rory showed Lorelai the apartment that she was sharing with Paris and Doyle. Picture that times two.


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I took her upstairs to the actual apartment and aside from the dirtiness she could definitely see me and Connor living there once we would have cleaned it up, painted it, and added some Amanda flair to it.

It’s now Tuesday, we have not had a chance to talk to Margaret yet about the downstairs and you know, everything but she OBVIOUSLY knows we are interested since we saw it two days in a row. It is about 10:50am and Connor calls me.

I say “Hey booger, I had a dream about the apartment, the living room will be a light grey.”

He goes, “About that brat, I have bad news.”

I say, “We could do blue if you like…”

He says, “Margaret just texted me saying someone just gave her a deposit on the apartment.”

I said “Ex-fu*****-cuse me?”

He said, “Yeah…she just texted me that saying sorry, didn’t know you were interested and I answered her saying Margaret are you kidding me? We have looked at that apartment two days in a row you never even gave us a chance to talk to you! You don’t answer my calls and you do not ever come downstairs when we knock on the door!”

She then said to him “Stop calling me I need to rest, I’m sick. Sorry, nothing I can do.”

I said, “Connor, text her back and say that we have been there for 3 years. 3 years we have known her and been there for her amongst ALL of her craziness (side note, her husband passed away and she just has not been the same ever since, he was a great man but losing him made her even more psychotic) and you have always paid on time and fixed everything that ever broken inside that apartment and have NEVER asked her for ANYTHING. Also, say that after 3 years we should get preference over some damn stranger!”

He did just that but took out most of my rude comments including the craziness one, he is, for the most part, as respectful as he can be with this woman. However, she of course became a bit combative throughout their entire TEXTING conversation, since she would not answer the phone, and wound up saying to him “A few months ago when I offered you this place for $1,200 you told me Amanda couldn’t afford the rent and you didn’t want so what has changed now?”

Connor says, “Margaret, THE PRICE! You told me $800.00 for rent for the two of us! Your memory can’t be that bad! Aside from that, you keep offering us this place changing the rent and then you say you’re giving it someone else every few months, you always do this! This is ridiculous! You and I may have drawn up a new lease for my studio but I never signed it, so we will be looking for a new place to live.”

She said “Don’t you ever question my memory (I don’t remember the exact curse words she used but I’ll ad-lib a bit, sorry Connor) s*** head! I have the best memory in my whole family!”

UH…WHAT? No you don’t, crazy! She then proceeded to type up a whole text that she meant to send to the new ‘half owner’ of the land who we have never met and sent it to Connor by mistake (WHICH SHE ALWAYS DOES THIS) and in this text message she decided to talk a lot of s***.

So I will be keeping you all posted on THAT situation and in the meantime we are currently apartment hunting. I do have a question for you all who have apartment hunted before, are currently apartment hunting, and or have just done it for fun; what are some good apartment hunting websites? I have used Trulia,,, HotPads, the Pennysaver, I’m just curious if there is a site I have never heard of. Thanks in advance my sweets!

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever encountered a crazy person like this before or are we just the lucky ones? Also please let me know if you want me to keep you all updated on our outrageous situations! I will be posting pictures of the apartment that we finally decide to choose and I’ll probably post some YouTube Videos as well to keep you all up to speed.

Thank you all a million for reading, especially if you made it this far, my lord! Love you guys a bunch!

Amanda Badillo




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