Crazy Landlords Part 2

Hello my loves, I hope you are all doing amazing today! So, as promised I am here to give you a ‘fun’ little update on our crazy landlord situation! If you are currently reading this and you have NO idea what I’m talking about then click here and check out the previous article to get you caught up to speed!

Now, as you all know from last time, Margaret gave away the apartment, BUMMER but, we got over it! They must have argued over this on a Tuesday/Wednesday and now come Sunday Margaret is trying to kick Connor out of his studio even though he’s still under lease and has never done ANYTHING that would be in ‘breach’ of lease agreements. He always pays his rent on time and in cash, fixes EVERYTHING that breaks himself, and follows her ‘rules’ of the land to a T.

Sunday, February 19th, 2017 Margaret texts Connor: “You have until 2/28 to vacate the cottage. I owe you no explanation as to why and I’m not going to argue with you.”

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Connor texts back: “Haha, no,” Good start, “You can’t legally do that but nice try. I’m reminding you that I have my last months rent and security deposit that you still owe me, once I get that back, I will leave.”

Margaret replies: “You don’t get your security until I look it over.”

Okay fine, that is about the only normal part of this conversation.

Now, I’m just going to go through a quick timeline with you guys to set the scene; Friday: Connor asks Margaret about the apartment above the garage (last article), we see it Sunday and Monday February 12th and 13th. Tuesday: he gets a text from Margaret saying someone already rented the apartment, now it’s the following Sunday, February 19th and she’s trying to kick him out…WHAT?

Aside from the fact that she legally CAN NOT do this, she has zero reason to evict him in the first place due to the fact that he has always followed his lease agreement. He has never once broken any of her rules. EVER.

Fast forward a little later on Sunday afternoon and Connor has gone to the Sheriffs office to prove that Margaret can not just kick him out with out any notice or without giving reason especially while he is still under lease. Duh. The sheriff then suggested to Connor to record every conversation that he and Margaret have in person as well as to possibly install a camera in the apartment to see if she comes in while he’s out.

The moment Connor left the Sheriffs office he sent Margaret a long winded text that explained everything he was just told. He also added that he would not be leaving until he got his security deposit back and a bunch of other things. Obviously she was not happy about this and said some unbelievably rude and disgusting things to Connor that I will not repeat…

That night at around 11:15 she decided to set up a spotlight in her apartment and aimed it directly at Connor’s apartment. This caused the light to go through his front door window and cascade a bright light as well as shadow onto his wall. Her plan was to keep Connor up all night because she thought he had work the next day. Thankfully, he actually had the day off.

Connor sent Margaret a text saying ‘Please turn off your light. If you don’t I will call the Sheriffs office and make a complaint.’

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Well, she did not turn off the light, Connor called the Sheriffs office and they came about 20 minutes later. Unfortunately there really was nothing they could do since she did not cause any property damage, they would just be there to mediate an argument. However, that did not stop them from banging on her door and shining flash lights through her apartment. Eventually they left. Connor thanked them and said he would only call them if there was an emergency or his property was destroyed next time.


Connor is supposed to meet me at my house so we can go and see this apartment at 5pm that is literally 3 minutes away from my family’s home (we all know how happy I am about that). He was supposed to meet me at 4:50 however it was now 4:55 and I hadn’t heard from him.

On my drive down to the apartment he finally calls me and says: ‘I will try and meet you there, the cops are here, Margaret is out of her mind.’

I said, ‘What happened now? Are you okay and is she okay?’

He says, ‘She’s fine, I’m fine I think. I’ll meet you at the apartment hopefully and explain everything later…to give you a snippet she through a brick through her own window while I was in the shower and is trying to pin it on me.’

Clearly I was freaking out.

*Now, just a quick back story, Margaret has done something like this before. She had another pair of tenants that were living in the apartment we were supposed to get and she through something through their car window and said it wasn’t her.*

I said, ‘You call me the second you are on your way.’

Maybe 20 minutes goes by and finally he shows up at the apartment (which we LOVE by the way, but that’s for another post). Once we leave that apartment and get to my house, he finally spills the beans to me, my mom, and dad.

Connor laid a trap if you will for Miss Margaret. I would like to say for the record this was my plan, just saying! He laid a boot directly behind his door so that way if someone were to enter that was not him, it would be slid all the way back. Connor arrived back at home, peered into his window and saw the shoe was pushed back. Connor walks over to Margaret’s apartment, knocked on the door and asked ‘why were you in my apartment?’

She at first tried to deny it. Connor then said, “Margaret I know you were in my apartment, don’t play games with me.”

She then admits to it and says ‘I had a good reason to go in there!’ Of course she never actually said the reason. She then deliberately tried to slam the door in his face. Connor stopped the door from hitting him and they argued for maybe two minutes but then Connor let it go and walked back to his apartment to shower and meet me for the apartment.

The moment Connor got out of the shower and looked outside he saw a few police cars. He quickly changed and went walking towards his bathroom until he saw a sheriff walking to his door.

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Connor let him in and explained his side of the story about what happened. That’s when the sheriff asked, ‘that’s all that happened? You did not break anything hers?’

Connor said, ‘No, I walked away to shower, I was just about to leave and go meet my girlfriend.’

The sheriff walks with Connor outside and sees Margarets front door window shattered and what’s in her doorway? A brick.

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Connor laughed and said, ‘You have got to be kidding me. I did not do this.’

Now, the only reason why Connor did not go to jail? Margaret told the cops, ‘I did not actually see him throw the brick.’ Plus the fact that the sheriff he originally spoke to believed Connor’s side of the story.


Connor has changed his locks (thanks to the new lock from my dad) and hasn’t spoken to Margaret since the incident…until she calls him. Connor decides to pick up and Margaret apologized. I won’t bore you with the details but they wound up coming to an agreement: as long as Connor is out by February 28th, 2017 he will get his last months rent back and once the apartment is inspected he will get his security deposit back.

To make an incredibly LONG story short, he is out of this apartment, he did wind up getting all of his money back, and Margaret gave him an excellent review apparently for our new landlord.

My LORD. 2017 has been nothing but an emotional roller coaster for him and I filled with crazy ups and downs. The main thing that I am thankful for is that we still have each other to get through this insane time. I will still keep all of you guys updated on the DISASTER apartments we saw and now our new home.

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Love you all!

Amanda Badillo