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2017 Spring Fashion Trends!

Take a look at the Spring Fashion Trends of 2017!

Hello my awesome readers! It is finally that time of the year again where the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the winter coats are being stuffed back into our closets! That’s right, the beautiful weather is finally upon us and that means that it is time to take a look at the new years must haves!


Crop Tops and Long Sleeve Wraps

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Personally, I feel like I have always worn this type of outfit in the Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall!  This outfit combines the perfect amount of skin to be shown mixed with the correct amount of coverage to keep you warm during a beautiful but chilly Spring breeze.  This look is so simple to dress up with a beautiful layered necklace or a simple choker.

Flow-y Tops

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Flow-y tops are great for this type of weather. It does not matter if you are going for a Bohemian Chic look or a Street Chic look, you can truly dress up any flow-y top with the right accessories and the right pair of bottoms! The flow-y shirt in either a sheer long sleeve form or a thicker short sleeve shirt is the perfect trending item for our coming season.

Laced Up Tops

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All that is in the media today is the beautiful and inventive laced up top. I personally own about five of them because I feel that each one of them has a different personality (if that makes sense). These shirts have been worn by many celebrities like Bohemian Queen Vanessa Hudgens, Kim Kardashian, GiGi Hadid, and many more!

Long Sleeve Dresses


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When it comes to long sleeve dresses in the Spring time it does not matter whether or not you are wearing a tight, loose, or flow-y dress, it all comes down to how you style it!  I can honestly say that I have not noticed as many floral print dresses as I have the past few years. Don’t get me wrong, floral print in Spring will ALWAYS be a trend, however, I feel like this year the trending colors, if you will, are light pastel colors such as lavender, mint, pink, yellow, blue, etc. A few more trending colors if you are trying to go more on the darker side are raisin, royal blue, and grey.

Ripped Jeans


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I feel as though ripped jeans will always be in style, but, it’s all about the amount of rips in your jeans as well as the ‘fit’.  This Spring it’s all about the details, so, I have noticed a lot of the jeans in our media are more about the color and fit yet less about the rips. Try purchasing a jean that contains little to medium rips with a beautiful style that fits you like a glove! You can truly complete your flow-y top or crop top look with the right pair of pants!

Skater Skirts

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Skater skirts have, in my eyes, always been absolutely adorable! These skirts look great with a tight tank top, a crop top, or a tight blouse with a nice pair of high heels. This style of skirt is definitely a Spring trend!


Pointed Toe Flats

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Pointed flats will always be a Spring trend! There are so many different colors and fabrics of shoes to pick through. You can pick from different pastel colors or dark colors and from ‘shiny’ shoes to faux suede and much more! These shoes complete any Spring outfit.


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These sandals add such definition to a woman’s legs and add that extra ‘oomph’ to an outfit! You can do lace wedges, laced up wedges, or ‘strap-py’ wedges. Either style you choose is perfect for Spring!




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You can dress up any look with the right necklace! A lot of trending necklace looks right now are; layered necklaces, chokers, and bohemian style necklaces like a dream catcher or a beautiful crystal.


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The always stylish and always trending multiple rings! You can dress up your fingers to your hearts desire and have fun doing it while completing your Spring outfit!


Sunglasses are always fantastic for 1. blocking the sun out and 2. finishing off your look! Personally, I have purchased my sunglasses from Fossil, Target, and Cheap Ass Sunglasses!

So there you have it, the 2017 Spring Fashion Trends! Hopefully you will gain some inspiration from all of the outfit ideas posted above. Leave a comment below with your favorite outfit idea and don’t forget to follow my Instagram for more Fashion ideas @the_young_shopaholic!

By: The Young Shopaholic




  1. With spring just around the corner it is time to renew your wardrobe and begin thinking about new styles, colors, and outfits that are fitting to the season that welcomes summer. I need crop top and ripped Jeans.


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