Youtube, Moving Out, Quitting My Job, and Going Back to School!

Hello strangers,

I am finally back from year long hiatus of trying to steer clear of life stressors, social media, and truly toxic situations. This was obviously impossible to avoid because that’s life and s*** is bound to happen! Grab a snack while I take you down a rabbit hole of darkness that eventually leads into the grace of sunshine and peace.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we? If you have been with me from the beginning of this website, you have probably seen me trying to take this blog to the next level, trying to find ways to promote it in any way possible to gain more readers who share the same interests as me and really build a platform for shopping-loving, fashion-loving, makeup-loving, awesome individuals to connect! So I took to Youtube as most people try to do, and I’ll tell you what, it’s far from easy!

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Anybody who tries to tell you being on Youtube or creating content for Youtube is easy, they are dirty liars who want to see the world burn. Just kidding. Kind of. But seriously guys, it’s rough! Having to talk to yourself – as interesting as I may find myself to be – is difficult. I tried to create videos of me doing makeup which I think were decent but when you’re living with your boyfriend and can’t afford the right equipment or…makeup, it makes life VERY difficult!

The lighting was ALWAYS off, I always blocked my face while doing my makeup which is not what you want to do when you’re teaching somebody FYI, I ran out of things to talk about, I didn’t know how to end or start my video, I could go on for HOURS! Then the outfit videos, I hate to go off the proper ways of writing but in the true words of me, outfit videos were rough man, rough! How the heck do you get a full shot of your outfit? Granted, I was using my laptop but like…do these people have somebody filming them? I mean probably but I was solo-dolo with this so all I could do was lift my leg to show my shoes…no joke. Want to laugh? Go to 45 seconds…wait for it…

Also, I definitely wasn’t ready for the rude comments. Some were from people from my past that love to live a miserable life telling me to die, that I was a c***, that I was fat, you know, all the good stuff. Truly I laughed it off because people that take to the internet to say stuff like that but can’t say it to your face out of fear of what you would actually do/say back to them in person, are cowards with no lives. Nevertheless, it was definitely a difficult time.

Now, my other venture which was talked about on here was me moving out with my boyfriend. That was also tough. It was the first time him and I have ever lived with someone. Let’s start from the top, he had to experience my FULL freak outs of bugs. I mean it when I say I am petrified of ALL bugs. So there were times where one would fly in and I would not sleep in our bedroom until he found the bug, so I would leave and go to back to my family’s house (which is 2 minutes away from my apartment) until it was dead. Dramatic, I know, but that’s how bad it is.

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I also had to learn to stop running away from arguments. That is my go to unfortunately I leave the second an argument gets bad because I feel like space is needed and I don’t want to blow up so I leave. Our communication was off, and a slew of others things so unfortunately we did break up for about 5-6 months. It was the healthiest thing we could have done. We are back together, and have been back together since very late May – early June, and so far, things have been better than ever so fingers crossed on that.

Next, this part was not listed in the title however, I did start a sister website if you guys ever want to check it out! It is called Trend it Forward:

this site was very fun to create, I was trying to get to be a little bit more user friendly and fun and not have so many personal blog posts up like this site, so definitely check that out and I would love your feedback on it! Now, Trend it Forward definitely took some time away from The Young Shopaholic but you know when you’ve been away for so long that you feel it’s best so you keep not coming back? That’s basically what was happening to me with this but I missed it a lot and I missed being able to express myself more on here and update everybody who was interested!

Another thing that recently happened which gave me WAY more time on my hands was quitting my horrific job where I worked anywhere from 47 to more than 50 hours per week. I was at this place for almost a year to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I was always miserable, I didn’t like who I was becoming. I was promised a lot of things there that were not followed through on such as, getting me help for the amount of work that I did (that never happened, in fact more work was added on and I got no increase in pay), I was being sent to lunch even if my food hadn’t arrived yet for lunch (one thing you don’t do when I’m working that hard for you is mess with my lunch, I will flip out), I was told that they wouldn’t hire this other person, who was perfect for the position, because she was too qualified, she would want more money, she went to college. We need somebody like you.

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That was a HUGE insult to me because I never finished college. You’re telling me she’s too qualified because she went to college and you wouldn’t pay her what you pay me? Cool. F*** you too. Oh boy I could go on for hours about this place, actually leave me a comment if you do want me to create a-whole-nother post about it, I would love to!

So this brings you to the end. Now that I am no longer working like a dog, I have truly no responsibilities since I am living back at my house for the time being while Connor and I repair everything, I’ve decided mommas going back to school! I have missed it a lot over the years and the only reason why I gave it up was because at the time I was 20 and stupid thinking that it was a great opportunity to work (for a different company) as a manager something that I have never done for a decent amount of money and gain experience. Then that turned to me being money hungry and wanting to just keep working but…I knew I would be working jobs that I really didn’t want. I want to be an author, or a writer for a real magazine some day. I don’t want to be a manager/office manager of some random place (not that there is anything wrong with that, I did that for years). I want to write and be happy, period.

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So there you have it, I’m back. I’m 23, afraid of bugs, love shopping, love writing, love the color pink, and I’m going back to school as the oldest second term Freshman. This should be interesting. Let me know if you guys enjoy posts like this to keep you all updated on the crazy and fun happenings currently happening in my life. Until next time!