The Young Shopaholic was originally created out of a want to help those who needed/wanted to read about Fashion or Beauty advice. This site then became a multitude of things, which I am still proud of, hence why I have left most of the articles on this site as I still find them entertaining to say the least.

Now, after over a year of being away and venturing off into creating different sites to entertain others and creating a makeup brand completely separate from this site, I have decided to regroup and revamp!

I will not be posting any updates on any other site I have created nor am I going to be giving any updates on the makeup company I own.

What I want for this site is to be a place for college students to check out, read articles/personal stories they can relate too, see Fashion tips/tricks that may interest you, as well as to read makeup/beauty reviews/tips/and tutorials that catch your eye. Over time I would love to see this site get to a place where my readers just log on, read, and forget their life for a few minutes.

Here’s to the future and a new; The Young Shopaholic.