Amanda Badillo

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Amanda is a Shopaholic who has a passion for makeup, clothes, shoes, writing, and making others laugh. She is a very bubbly, witty, and best of all honest writer. In her spare time she loves wasting her days away on the beach reading Edgar Allan Poe books and fashion magazines!

Instagram: the_young_shopaholic

YouTube: The Young Shopaholic


Jae Sousa

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Holistic Health Coach and Reiki Master passionate about cooking, natural products, meditation, and helping others create a more positive, balanced life. I also enjoy spending time outdoors especially on the beach.

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Victoria Nelson

Hi! My name is Victoria. I am a writer, wine enthusiast, book lover, amateur cook, and crafter!

Twitter: FamilyFoodCraft

Instagram: _Victoria_n03


Virginia Aos

Virginia is a nineteen year old writer, reader, lover of all things beauty and fashion related, and a self-proclaimed pluviophile. She spends her days writing, cooking, and taking care of her one year old son.

Instagram: ginnydianayt

Twitter: GinnyA_Official


Raksha Athreya

A 16-year-old Unicorn lover who dreams big. I am a lifestyle, fashion and beauty blogger. Stay tuned for fun fashion, beauty, and inspiring posts.

Twitter: @raksha_athreya

Instagram: @raksha_athreya


Abigail Bowes

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The girl who writes 🙂


Pia Vuolteenaho

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I’m a part-time nomad, a full-time writer and a lover of books, beaches and bare feet. I believe in traveling often, traveling light and stopping for coffee along the way.


Connor Duffy

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Connor is an avid sports fan with a burning desire for anything New York Mets!


Ivana Kitanovic

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They say that writers are transporters between worlds, painters of million-colored canvases, crusaders of time. I am proud to say that I apply to that statement.
I am an aspiring writer of stories, articles, blogs and essays. My passion is creative writing, which I daily improve through writing my novel and short stories.


Jonna Lindawan

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Jonna has been providing training and consulting services to individuals, religious organizations, students, and businesses online and offline locally and internationally since March 2012. She has been conducting free seminars (mostly in the religious sectors) on Leadership, Time Management, Basics of Business Management, Counseling for Church Leaders, and Church Management. She has been a volunteer life coach to the youth. She studied Bachelor of Theology in Maranatha Bible College, Baguio City, Philippines and entered the call center industry before even graduating to maintain a living for herself and her family. After discovering the virtual assistant industry, she shifted gears and left the call center industry to work at home as a writer, researcher, transcriber, and virtual assistant to name a few. Her passions and goals have led her to pursuing education online and gaining several certificates and diplomas from colleges that offer open courses.


Kyle Roth

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Julie McKee

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I am an avid reader, writer, music lover, animal advocate. I love to travel and have new adventures. I am shy til you get to know me but once I let you in my crazy little bubble, you have a friend for life 🙂


Kayla Halsey

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Hi, I’m Hallz. I’ve always had a passion for reading, writing, and learning about the world around me. As a California girl born and raised, the ocean is my drug of choice. What really makes me tick, however, is travel. So far, I’ve made it south to Colombia, across the pond to Ireland, and east to China, Thailand, and Cambodia.
Thanks for reading you lovely humans!


Foster Sherman

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My name is Foster, I am Twenty-Four years old and I am anything I want to be. I am an ordained minister, gamer, writer, singer, husband. My passions include but are not limited to television, films, video games, and singing. My life revolves around my lovely wife to whom I have been married for four years.


Beata Czifrik

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I left behind a secure life with all modern boxes ticked: education, career, money, home, 40 pairs of high heels… I went to Indonesia for a year to study arts. That year changed my life.
During that time I learned to see the value of life, of every single moment. I learned to appreciate “little” things like food and shelter, people and love. That year started me out and since then I have been following the same path of seeking, learning and growing. I live off my jewelry, sometimes I actually work for money. Most of the time I travel and do work exchanges.
I have spent months working with horses in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Spain, with the loveliest people in the incredible countryside of Vermont, US and with a real horse whisperer in Hungary.
I have done some farm work too in the amazing scenery of South of Spain, on a Mennonite style farm in Belize, and on the Highlands of Bogota.
Hostel work cannot be missing from my repertoire either, While working in hostels, I fell in love with traveling in my first bar job in Hungary, enjoyed a unique city life in Kuala Lumpur, hiked the mountains of the Lake District in England, lived a jungle life in Guatemala, surfed in the Pacific in Ecuador and enjoyed the magic of the Canary Islands.
During my everlasting travels I have learned many skills and crafts. After drawing, embroidery and some fabric work I ended up making macrame jewelry.
Macrame is a technique that uses tiny little knots to create a shape and pattern. I work with semi-precious stones and create unique fiber art around them. I work with no hurry, and with careful attention and love, to always be able to pass on a perfectly made piece that carries beautiful positive energies.
Madison Messina
Hi! My name is Madison. I’m a fun, loving, Taurus from New York! I received my bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing from the State University of New York at Cortland. I’m an outgoing introvert who loves to read, write and take pictures of my cat.