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Hello my awesome readers,

This is just a quick post to update you guys on what is currently happening with The Young Shopaholic and why I have been away for so long! So, to do a quick recap on the joys of life itself; I have been living in my apartment now for about 3 months and it has definitely been a roller coaster ride that I will update you guys on in another post! (I told you, quick recap!)

Now for the exciting news! I have finally bursted out of my ‘waiting for good things to happen’ bubble and dove into my new ‘just f***ing do it,’ pool of wild and crazy ideas/aspirations that I will accomplish. With all of this being said, I have started a very small cosmetic line that I have called TYS Cosmetics!!!!!!!!!

As of right now, I am currently selling eyeshadows that are for sale on this website under Shop as well as Etsy (I will link the stores down below)! All eyeshadows are handmade and cruelty free! I currently have some shimmer/duo-chrome eyeshadow but by this weekend I will have a ton of matte eyeshadows available! I will also be revealing a Summer eyeshadow palette in the next coming week so stay tuned for that!

Down below are some pictures of the current eyeshadows I have in stock:








Remember, I have matte shades coming this weekend and I will be updating this website PLUS Etsy constantly! If you would like to be added to my mailing list with updated please send an email to theyoungshopaholic@gmail.com!

TYS Cosmetics: Theyoungshopaholic.com/shop

TYS Cosmetics (Etsy): Etsy.com/TYS

Thank you so much for ALL of your support and I hope you enjoy these shadows as much as I do! Let me know in the comments what other shades and names you guys might want to see! ❤ 🙂


My TOP Eyeshadow Palettes!

Hello awesome readers! It’s been a little while since I had posted a video on my YouTube channel and finally today, one has been posted! Please click here and subscribe to my channel to check out my Fashion and Makeup videos.


Amanda Badillo

5 Simple Habits That Will Enhance Your Beauty Without ANY Makeup!

Have you ever seen those people on Instagram that look amazing even with no makeup on? I definitely have and it’s sometimes hard not to compare yourself to them. While you should never compare yourself to anyone else, there are ways that you can look just as good without makeup and here’s how:

  1. Take Care Of Your Skin!


Photo Credit To Boggio.pt

            This is probably the most important step in making your skin look naturally amazing. Likely, one of the reasons why you would want to wear makeup would be to cover up any acne or blemishes, am I right? Establishing a good skincare regimen will help you to take charge of your acne and leave your concealer for another day!

A good skincare regimen is comprised of a number of four important steps. Cleanse, tone, treat, and moisturize. As you become more into skincare you may add steps but this is a good base to start with. A cleanser will take off makeup, dirt, oils, and anything else from your skin. This will prevent these things from being burrowed into your pores which causes breakouts. Toning helps to balance your skin’s pH balance and it will also help to remove any additional impurities that the cleanser may have missed. Treating is necessary when you suffer from acne. A spot treatment will target specific blemishes and eradicate them as soon as possible. Moisturizing is so important (yes, even if you’re oily) because it restores some of the moisture that your skin loses during the cleansing process.

As well as establishing a good skincare routine, you will want to make sure that you are drinking a lot of water to hydrate your skin from the inside out. A great way to make your skin bright and glowy is to add some lemon to your water for a shot of vitamin C!

  1. Groom Your Eyebrows.


Photo Credit To Beautyhows.com

            It is said that eyebrows frame your face and this is definitely a true statement!  Wanting a little bit of proof? Search “Eyebrow Transformation” on Google and be your own judge. Grooming your eyebrows is so important when you want to look good with no makeup because cleaned up eyebrows tend to look very feminine. Simply plucking a hair or two while you are doing your skin care routine will always keep them looking amazing.

  1. Use Oils On Your Skin.


Photo Credit To Organicfacts.net

            This ties into the moisturizing step of the skincare step. Ancient Egyptians used oils on their skin for deep hydration and glowy results. Not only can they reduce wrinkles and ultra-hydrate dry skin, but they can also shrink pores and calm down irritated skin. Contrary to popular belief, applying oil to your skin (in thin layers, of course) will not cause zits! Some of the best oils to put on your skin are coconut, jojoba, argan, avocado, and olive oil. Each oil targets something different and you can find the right one for your skin!

  1. Lengthen Your Eyelashes


Photo Credit to Pinterest.com

            Long, beautiful eyelashes frame the eye and leave the eye looking ultra-feminine. Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with seven inch eyelashes so a lot of us have to make due with eyelashes that are about a centimeter long. If you want longer lashes a great way to get them is to clean off an old mascara wand or just use a spooly and apply a thick layer of oil or vaseline to your lashes. Do this during your nightly skincare regimen and leave it on while you sleep. After a week you should see noticeable results!

  1. Get Your Beauty Rest!


Photo Credit To Wikia.net

            You probably know that getting at least eight hours of sleep a night is good for your brain and body, but did you know it’s also great for your skin? When you don’t get enough sleep at night your skin will wind up looking a bit dull and could possible take on a yellow or greyish tint. That doesn’t sound very appealing, does it? Getting enough sleep per night will leave your skin looking bright and it will also reduce the dark circles under your eyes!

So, there you have it, 5 Simple Habits That Will Enhance Your Beauty Without ANY Makeup! Which tip was your favorite? Do you currently follow any of these steps? Leave us a comment down below and don’t forget to follow The Young Shopaholic on YouTube!

Shop TYS Store

Hello awesome readers! I just wanted to make a quick post to let you know that our store Shop TYS is having a sale for the holidays! We have cute bracelets, rings, and necklaces that are great for those last minute gifts.  Use promo code: SAVE20 for 20% off.

Click here to enter our store or click shop above!

I hope you have a happy holidays and happy shopping all around!

5 Holiday Hairstyles For Medium To Long Hair!

It is finally my favorite time of the year again. A time where we get to spend time with our loved ones at family gatherings, be a little more giving and thoughtful towards others, and shop our little hearts out with the amazing holiday sales. Okay, maybe that last part is more pertaining to me. Anyways, around the holidays is usually the time of ‘holiday parties,’ and just a lot of fun get togethers so why not change up your style a little bit? If you are looking for an easy and adorable way to dress up your hair this holiday season then you have come to the right place!

  1. The Messy Ponytail


Photo Credit to Therighthairstyles.com       Photo Credit to www.hairstyle.guru

This adorable messy ponytail will go perfectly with any outfit you decide to throw together whether it be; a tight dress and heels, a loose fitted sweater, tight jeans, nude heels, you name it! How do you create this look?

  1. You want to start off with having ‘coarse hair,’ what I mean by that is do not wash your hair before creating this look. Also, if your hair does not already have a natural wave/curl to it, you will definitely need to curl your hair prior!
  2. Begin to pull your hair up into in your regular high ponytail shape
  3. Fasten your elastic hairband around your high ponytail as usual and do not worry about any loose hairs that just adds to the effect.
  4. Take a thick strand of hair and wrap it around the base of your ponytail to hide your hairband. At this point you can add any hair product you would like such as hairspray, moose, anything you want to hold it in place!

2. Loose Waves


Photo Credit to Pinterest.com   Photo Credit to Pinterest.com

This hairstyle is exactly what it says! You can take a thin hair curler and create a beach wave sort-of look while adding hairspray to give it more definition or you can check out my crazy YouTube video below and skip ahead to 7:18 I will show you how to create curly hair without a curling iron!

3. Half Up Half Down

Half Up Hairstyle
Half Up Hairstyle

Photo Credit to Styletic.com

This has been my favorite hairstyle since I was a kid…an all time classic! How we create this look is EXACTLY how it sounds! You take a good section of your hair and use an elastic hairband, bobbing pins, hair clips, you name it and bring together that section of hair to the top of your head. Now the pieces of your hair that are left down you can either leave straight or curl!

4. Braid Into Ponytail


Photo Credit to http://www.Active.com

I have recently been letting my mom, yes ladies and gentlemen, my mother, braid my hair like I was a toddler again. STORY TIME: I love the Sims 4 and I saw my character had this insanely adorable hairstyle where the top of her ponytail was in a braid and the rest was in a ponytail:


Photo Credit to Blogspot.com

and I thought…I need to do that…now! So, the next day, mom got creative and I have been doing that hairstyle at least once a week!

How do you create this look?

  1. Do a simply braid at the top of your head, taking as much hair as you would for a half up, half down look.
  2. Take an elastic hairband and tie off your braid just as it is about to reach the back of your head.
  3. Collect the remainder of your hair and put it in a high or low ponytail, whichever you prefer!
  4. Seal it with an elastic hair band and there you have it!

5. Messy Low Bun


Photo Credit to Pophaircuts.com

Aside from the fact that this hair-do can be used as an everyday look, it can just as well be used for a festive holiday look! The messy bun is a classic if done correctly!

  1. For this look, like the messy ponytail, I would have ‘day old hair,’ and apply a little bit of moose or hairspray to it.
  2. THIS PART IS OPTIONAL: Curl your hair if it is not already naturally curly/wave-y
  3. Place your hair into a medium-low ponytail and secure with an elastic hairband
  4. Tease you ponytail with a fine toothed comb until you are completely satisfied.
  5. Wrap the loose hair from your ponytail around the base of your ponytail, this does not have to be perfect, remember it’s messy!
  6. Secure the bun with another elastic hairband and pull out tiny piece of your hair from the bun as well as any hairs around the framing of your face.

So there you have it, 5 Holiday Hairstyles for Medium to Long hair! Which hairstyle was your favorite? Do you think you will try any of these hairstyles this holiday season? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts! Also don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel: The Young Shopaholic! I hope all of your holidays are happy!

Cover Photo Credit to Pinterest.com

By: Amanda Badillo



8 Makeup Brands That Almost Everyone Has Used In Their Lifetime!

It can be really overwhelming when you start getting into makeup to realize just how many makeup brands are currently out there. It is hard to know what is and what isn’t worth spending your money on. You can either try to learn for yourself what makeup brands are ‘trustworthy,’ or you can follow this quick handy list that will tell you a little bit about 8 very well known makeup brands that almost everyone has used in their lifetime!

               MAC Cosmetics


Photo Credit to Foyleside.co.uk

            This is probably the most commonly used and talked about makeup brand. Women have been using MAC Cosmetics for years and many have used the products since they were in their teens. The brand was actually founded in 1984 by a beauty salon owner named Frank Angelo and a photographer named Frank Toscan. They started out creating makeup in their kitchen and quickly expanded into much more! Nowadays, beauty bloggers and makeup gurus on YouTube rave about their products. Some of the brand’s most popular products are the Paint Pots, Fix Plus, the foundations and concealers, and the lipsticks!


Nars Cosmetics


Photo Credit To Twitter.com

            Another cult favorite is Nars cosmetics. The high quality is what sets this brand at such a high standard with consumers. That being said, they do charge a pretty penny for their products so if you are someone who doesn’t like spending a lot on makeup you probably won’t like this brand. However, for the people who don’t mind spending a little more this is a great option. A couple products that are very popular are the Audacious lipstick line, the Radiant Creamy concealers, the bronzer in Laguna, and the blush in Orgasm which is probably the most well-known of them all!


Urban Decay


Photo Credit to Twitter.com

            This edgy, alternative makeup brand has been taking over the scene for the last twenty years with their bold colors and shocking pigmentation. Raved about by beauty bloggers and gurus, nearly every release from this brand is a huge hit with makeup junkies everywhere. This is a luxury brand which means that it does cost more than a brand from the drugstore. Some of the most popular of Urban Decay’s products are the Naked palettes, the Primer Potion, the All-Nighter setting spray, and the Naked Skin foundation and concealer.




Photo Credit To Loreal.com

            This is one of the more affordable options on the list so far. This is one of the most popular brands from the drugstore and the quality of the makeup is very good for the price. This brand may also be easier to find depending where you live because it is sold at many drugstores. Along with cosmetics, they also have skincare lines and those are also very popular. The True Match foundation, the Infallible Pro-Matte and Pro-Glow foundations, the Lumi Foundations, the Voluminous mascara in Carbon Black, and the Infallible eyeshadows are among the most popular products for the brand.




Photo Credit To Twitter.com

            The adorable packaging catches your eye and the quality of the products keeps you coming back for more. Benefit popped into the scene in 1976 and has remained very popular over the years. The quality of their products is unwavering and the customer always seems to be satisfied. There is a lot of hype surrounding Benefit and it is well-deserved attention. Their most popular products include the Hula bronzer, They’re Real mascara, the Porefessional primer, and their Benetints. This is just to name a few seeing as their products are well-loved all around!




Photo Credit to Wikimedia.org

            Another drugstore brand that gets a lot of love from makeup lovers everywhere. Their concealer, the Fit-Me concealer, has even been compared to the Nars Radiant concealer by beauty gurus. The brand’s slogan “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline.” is a very well-known and often quoted jingle. Their quality is very good for the price and they continue to come out with amazing new releases very frequently. Some of the most raved about products are the Line Stiletto mascara, Baby Lips lip balm, and the Fit-Me foundation, concealer, and powder.




Photo Credit to Brandsoftheworld.com

            This brand is more-so known for their amazing skincare rather than cosmetic products and that sometimes overshadows their awesome makeup. They always have incredible quality and a lot of women swear by this brand for all their cosmetic needs. It is one of the pricier brands but the popular opinion is that it is worth the extra pennies. Some really popular products from Clinique include the Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer, the Chubby Sticks, the Almost Lipsticks, and the Lash Doubling mascara.


Too Faced


Photo Credit to Twitter.com

            Making a splash with the Chocolate Bar palette, this brand has taken over beauty blogs and YouTube videos everywhere. It is a very well-known brand characterized by their yummy-scented makeup products. The marketing done by this brand is brilliant including bronzers and eyeshadow palettes that smell like chocolate or peaches and mascaras with sex in their names. Some of the products that have people in a craze include the famous Chocolate Bar and Sweet Peach palette, the Chocolate Soleil bronzer and the Better Than Sex mascara,

These are just a few of the incredible makeup brands out on the ever-expanding market of cosmetics. This list should get you started in the world of makeup and from there you can explore and discover what you like and what works for you! Makeup is completely dependent on each individual’s personal needs and wants so it’s up to you to find out what yours are! Have you ever used any of the cosmetics listed? Do you want to? Leave us a comment below with your thoughts!

Cover Photo Credit to Speeli.com

By: Virginia Aos


2016 Fashion Trends

2016 is coming to an end. Can you believe we are just a month and a half away from 2017?  This year’s fashion was pretty awesome if we had to say so ourselves. While we are eager to know about the fashion trend predictions of the upcoming year, let’s go back and take a look at the top fashion picks of this year which are still currently trending. Keep reading to see what our favorite trends were from 2016.

The Shirt Dress


Photo Credit To Adis.ws

This is a perfect outfit for the summer and spring season. The shirt dress is basically a long t-shirt that goes up to the middle of the thighs or of knee length. If you love outfits that hug and flaunt those curves, then you can never go wrong with the shirt dress. Pair that baby with a pair classic sneakers or thigh high boots and make a statement.

The Choker


Photo Credit To Etsystatic.com

The choker has been on the top of the list when it comes to accessorizing any outfit for this year. Trendy and chic, the choker looks elegant with so many versatile outfits, it’s hard to make it look like a fashion blunder. It looks good with an all black ensemble, a classy dress or the casual t-shirt and jeans. The choker comes in various colors, some with laces on it, a few which have a small pendant hanging from it. This is a piece of accessory which we all need in our wardrobes.

The Camel-Coat



Photo Credit To Styleandcheek.com

This shade of ochre, basically the color of the skin of the camel is now the new black. The camel-coat is the only layer you’ll need to rock any outfit this fall and here are a few reasons why:

  1. This shade is perfect for the fall
  2. It goes great with any kind of outfit of any color
  3. It is comfy and stylish.

That’s all the convincing you should need to buy the fabulous camel coat on your next shopping spree.

The Classic Boy-Friend Jeans


Photo Credit To Adis.ws

This piece of clothing can never get old. A basic but a classic. The best way to pair it this season is to wear it with a chambray shirt which is the new fad. We are not talking about an extremely distressed and ripped pair of jeans but a faded one with a slight rip at the knees is what we are really loving right now. As for layers and shoes, a crisp blazer and for shoes, we give you two options; converse/vans sneakers or nude pumps.

Our Love For Sneakers This Season



Photo Credit to Office.co.uk

This year is all about sporty sneakers rather than the classic high heel. We do love the occasional dose of bold platforms, block heels, or even loafer slides but can we just take a moment to talk about how the sneaker has taken the fashionable footwear world by a storm? The most recent one and the most fabulous one is the Converse Nude Collection, Fall-Winter 2016. That collection is SO worth obsessing over! Also, just another side note for my sneaker lovers, the Adidas Superstar sneakers are definitely something to look at!

There you have it, the top 5 current fashion trends for 2016. Have you been rocking any of the trends listed? Leave us a comment below on your favorite Fashion accessory! Let’s see what 2017 has in store for us in the Fashion world!

By: Raksha Athreya

Edited: Amanda Badillo

Cover Photo Credit To Etsystatic.com