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New YouTube Video on Crazy Landlords Part 1

Hello my loves I just wanted to come on here and give you guys a quick update! So today, April 1st, 2017 Connor and I will be moving into our apartment! I’m still screaming! I am going to be posting on my snapchat videos of the move and pictures anything you can think of! For those of you who are interested in following this fun day my snapchat is Ababayy18 & my Instagram is @the_young_shopaholic.

I will probably be posting all day on Snapchat and doing live videos on Instagram. We are both SO excited for this move because it also falls on our three year anniversary. Totally adorable am I right? More like stressful and we both will be deserving some Cheesecake Factory afterwards!

Anyways, I wanted to also let you all know that I recently posted up a YouTube video about Crazy Landlords Part 1 on my YouTube channel The Young Shopaholic. If you have not seen it yet or if you are not subscribed to my channel, please do subscribe by clicking here. You can take a look at the video below and don’t forget to leave me your thoughts! I am also uploading another video right now about our Crazy Apartment Hunting Experiences so it should be up and running by 1:30am!

Enjoy the video and let me know if you guys would like an article or video about how we found our apartment or any other topics! Thanks my loves, you are all awesome!

Crazy Landlords Part 2

Hello my loves, I hope you are all doing amazing today! So, as promised I am here to give you a ‘fun’ little update on our crazy landlord situation! If you are currently reading this and you have NO idea what I’m talking about then click here and check out the previous article to get you caught up to speed!

Now, as you all know from last time, Margaret gave away the apartment, BUMMER but, we got over it! They must have argued over this on a Tuesday/Wednesday and now come Sunday Margaret is trying to kick Connor out of his studio even though he’s still under lease and has never done ANYTHING that would be in ‘breach’ of lease agreements. He always pays his rent on time and in cash, fixes EVERYTHING that breaks himself, and follows her ‘rules’ of the land to a T.

Sunday, February 19th, 2017 Margaret texts Connor: “You have until 2/28 to vacate the cottage. I owe you no explanation as to why and I’m not going to argue with you.”

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Connor texts back: “Haha, no,” Good start, “You can’t legally do that but nice try. I’m reminding you that I have my last months rent and security deposit that you still owe me, once I get that back, I will leave.”

Margaret replies: “You don’t get your security until I look it over.”

Okay fine, that is about the only normal part of this conversation.

Now, I’m just going to go through a quick timeline with you guys to set the scene; Friday: Connor asks Margaret about the apartment above the garage (last article), we see it Sunday and Monday February 12th and 13th. Tuesday: he gets a text from Margaret saying someone already rented the apartment, now it’s the following Sunday, February 19th and she’s trying to kick him out…WHAT?

Aside from the fact that she legally CAN NOT do this, she has zero reason to evict him in the first place due to the fact that he has always followed his lease agreement. He has never once broken any of her rules. EVER.

Fast forward a little later on Sunday afternoon and Connor has gone to the Sheriffs office to prove that Margaret can not just kick him out with out any notice or without giving reason especially while he is still under lease. Duh. The sheriff then suggested to Connor to record every conversation that he and Margaret have in person as well as to possibly install a camera in the apartment to see if she comes in while he’s out.

The moment Connor left the Sheriffs office he sent Margaret a long winded text that explained everything he was just told. He also added that he would not be leaving until he got his security deposit back and a bunch of other things. Obviously she was not happy about this and said some unbelievably rude and disgusting things to Connor that I will not repeat…

That night at around 11:15 she decided to set up a spotlight in her apartment and aimed it directly at Connor’s apartment. This caused the light to go through his front door window and cascade a bright light as well as shadow onto his wall. Her plan was to keep Connor up all night because she thought he had work the next day. Thankfully, he actually had the day off.

Connor sent Margaret a text saying ‘Please turn off your light. If you don’t I will call the Sheriffs office and make a complaint.’

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Well, she did not turn off the light, Connor called the Sheriffs office and they came about 20 minutes later. Unfortunately there really was nothing they could do since she did not cause any property damage, they would just be there to mediate an argument. However, that did not stop them from banging on her door and shining flash lights through her apartment. Eventually they left. Connor thanked them and said he would only call them if there was an emergency or his property was destroyed next time.


Connor is supposed to meet me at my house so we can go and see this apartment at 5pm that is literally 3 minutes away from my family’s home (we all know how happy I am about that). He was supposed to meet me at 4:50 however it was now 4:55 and I hadn’t heard from him.

On my drive down to the apartment he finally calls me and says: ‘I will try and meet you there, the cops are here, Margaret is out of her mind.’

I said, ‘What happened now? Are you okay and is she okay?’

He says, ‘She’s fine, I’m fine I think. I’ll meet you at the apartment hopefully and explain everything later…to give you a snippet she through a brick through her own window while I was in the shower and is trying to pin it on me.’

Clearly I was freaking out.

*Now, just a quick back story, Margaret has done something like this before. She had another pair of tenants that were living in the apartment we were supposed to get and she through something through their car window and said it wasn’t her.*

I said, ‘You call me the second you are on your way.’

Maybe 20 minutes goes by and finally he shows up at the apartment (which we LOVE by the way, but that’s for another post). Once we leave that apartment and get to my house, he finally spills the beans to me, my mom, and dad.

Connor laid a trap if you will for Miss Margaret. I would like to say for the record this was my plan, just saying! He laid a boot directly behind his door so that way if someone were to enter that was not him, it would be slid all the way back. Connor arrived back at home, peered into his window and saw the shoe was pushed back. Connor walks over to Margaret’s apartment, knocked on the door and asked ‘why were you in my apartment?’

She at first tried to deny it. Connor then said, “Margaret I know you were in my apartment, don’t play games with me.”

She then admits to it and says ‘I had a good reason to go in there!’ Of course she never actually said the reason. She then deliberately tried to slam the door in his face. Connor stopped the door from hitting him and they argued for maybe two minutes but then Connor let it go and walked back to his apartment to shower and meet me for the apartment.

The moment Connor got out of the shower and looked outside he saw a few police cars. He quickly changed and went walking towards his bathroom until he saw a sheriff walking to his door.

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Connor let him in and explained his side of the story about what happened. That’s when the sheriff asked, ‘that’s all that happened? You did not break anything hers?’

Connor said, ‘No, I walked away to shower, I was just about to leave and go meet my girlfriend.’

The sheriff walks with Connor outside and sees Margarets front door window shattered and what’s in her doorway? A brick.

Photo Credit to


Connor laughed and said, ‘You have got to be kidding me. I did not do this.’

Now, the only reason why Connor did not go to jail? Margaret told the cops, ‘I did not actually see him throw the brick.’ Plus the fact that the sheriff he originally spoke to believed Connor’s side of the story.


Connor has changed his locks (thanks to the new lock from my dad) and hasn’t spoken to Margaret since the incident…until she calls him. Connor decides to pick up and Margaret apologized. I won’t bore you with the details but they wound up coming to an agreement: as long as Connor is out by February 28th, 2017 he will get his last months rent back and once the apartment is inspected he will get his security deposit back.

To make an incredibly LONG story short, he is out of this apartment, he did wind up getting all of his money back, and Margaret gave him an excellent review apparently for our new landlord.

My LORD. 2017 has been nothing but an emotional roller coaster for him and I filled with crazy ups and downs. The main thing that I am thankful for is that we still have each other to get through this insane time. I will still keep all of you guys updated on the DISASTER apartments we saw and now our new home.

Leave a comment down below if you have any crazy landlord stories of your own! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with all of the craziness: Ababayy18 & the_young_shopaholic!

Love you all!

Amanda Badillo


Dealing With Anxiety And Crazy Landlords!

Hello my amazing readers! First off I want to apologize for my major disappearing act of 2017! I want to thank you all who are still subscribed to my blog and continue to watch my YouTube channel (you can check it out here and please subscribe), I appreciate you all more than you know.

Now, it’s time for me to first and foremost explain the reason for my disappearing; ANXIETY! Ever since I was young I have always dealt with anxiety flare ups from time to time. I always feel like my heart is going to burst out of my chest at any given moment, I feel faint, I can’t eat, I can sleep, and my brain tends to make up scenarios that are not true and or never happened (I’m sure that sounds crazy, I should be studied). Out of nowhere these past two months my anxiety decided it was time to pay Ms. Amanda a nice little visit.

Being that I have not suffered from an Anxiety attack in about 3 years…I did not know how to handle it at all. I got totally freaked out. I was NOT sleeping, I was dizzy all the time, I could not go out in public (totally the opposite of me), and I stopped eating because I literally could not eat. I lost about 8 pounds obviously not in a healthy way at all. I had zero clue how to gain control of myself. It was terrible, picture the ending of Girl Interrupted with Lisa Rowe when she traps Suzanna in the creepy basement with Polly and Georgina and Suzanna tells Lisa thats she dead inside…that end freak out of Lisa Rowe was yours truly every single day.

However, after a month and a half of deep breathing, deactivating most of my social media accounts, and regaining control of my wild brain…I’m doing okay, baby steps.

I’m finally back into my old routine of quick whit, laughing (and truly meaning it), working (bless my job for their patience), and just being who and what I truly am, an extremely happy go lucky person who loves to shop.

With all of this being said, I have some exciting and some what terrifying news! It’s looking like yours truly will be moving out of her parents place and moving into an apartment with her boyfriend;


What I plan on doing is keeping you all up to date with our apartment hunting and telling you guys our crazy experiences thus far. In fact, why don’t I do that RIGHT NOW and tell you the crap we just dealt with.

So, Connor (boyfriend) has been living at this same place for about 3 years. He lives in a cute and cozy, super affordable studio apartment. On the ‘grounds’ or maybe ‘lot’ if you will, to the left of the drive way entrance in the far back there is Connor’s studio, or what I like to call it, cabin in the woods, then there is his landlords house which is super cute (on the inside), now, face straight ahead on the entrance and there is a garage with an apartment right on top of it.

For about a year Connor and I have been pondering the idea of moving in together, obviously the adult in me is saying absolutely! Yet the child in me is pulling a Timmy Turner saying I want my mom and dad!


Photo Credit To

Connor’s landlord, let’s called her, Margaret, has been offering us the apartment above the garage every other 2-3 months with different f****** prices for it. The prices go up and down each time. As of lately, I finally decided that it is now or never, I should at least experience the feeling of not living at home whether it is for one year or more because one day, that will obviously happen that I can’t go home anymore.

Recently, Connor asked Margaret, how much would the apartment be for me and Amanda? Margaret answered; “I’ll cut you a deal $800 a month for you two.”

We said “Great, we will check it out this weekend when she stays over. We’ll come ask you for the key on Saturday or Sunday.”

It is Sunday so Connor said, “Hey Margaret, can we have the key to check out the apartment?” She gave it to us no problem at all. The walk up from the downstairs to the apartment was something that I would picture a serial killer living in just because it was dark, dingy, run down, and the wooden stairs were steep and just…not safe! The apartment itself had tenants who left on bad terms so they kinda let the place go (that’s a whole other story, please let me know if you would like to hear about it, I would love to tell you guys). However, it was really nice, once it would have been SCRUBBED down with bleach everywhere it would have been absolutely perfect.

You guys…that living room you guys…oh my god I’m still not over this. That living room was my DREAM living room, like the rest of the house could have completely sucked (it partially did) but the LIVING ROOM would be what saved it (and it did). It was massive and had vaulted ceilings just…wow. The bedroom was not a bad size either believe me! Again all this place needed was a top to bottom scrub down, carpet cleaning, paint job and some furniture eventually and it would have been home for only $800.00.

So, now Monday comes and obviously I need and want my mommy’s opinion (shout out to you Catherine) and Connor goes to Margaret:

“Hey Margaret can I get the keys to the apartment, Amanda is going to show her mom.”

Margaret says, “I already left them for you on the table, go on up!”

So I meet Connor upstairs with my mom. I will say this; to all of my Gilmore Girls fans, you will know this reference, when my mom first walked in and saw the stairs leading up to the apartment it was like the scene where Rory showed Lorelai the apartment that she was sharing with Paris and Doyle. Picture that times two.


Gif Credit To Yes I know this is not the scene but work with me guys!

I took her upstairs to the actual apartment and aside from the dirtiness she could definitely see me and Connor living there once we would have cleaned it up, painted it, and added some Amanda flair to it.

It’s now Tuesday, we have not had a chance to talk to Margaret yet about the downstairs and you know, everything but she OBVIOUSLY knows we are interested since we saw it two days in a row. It is about 10:50am and Connor calls me.

I say “Hey booger, I had a dream about the apartment, the living room will be a light grey.”

He goes, “About that brat, I have bad news.”

I say, “We could do blue if you like…”

He says, “Margaret just texted me saying someone just gave her a deposit on the apartment.”

I said “Ex-fu*****-cuse me?”

He said, “Yeah…she just texted me that saying sorry, didn’t know you were interested and I answered her saying Margaret are you kidding me? We have looked at that apartment two days in a row you never even gave us a chance to talk to you! You don’t answer my calls and you do not ever come downstairs when we knock on the door!”

She then said to him “Stop calling me I need to rest, I’m sick. Sorry, nothing I can do.”

I said, “Connor, text her back and say that we have been there for 3 years. 3 years we have known her and been there for her amongst ALL of her craziness (side note, her husband passed away and she just has not been the same ever since, he was a great man but losing him made her even more psychotic) and you have always paid on time and fixed everything that ever broken inside that apartment and have NEVER asked her for ANYTHING. Also, say that after 3 years we should get preference over some damn stranger!”

He did just that but took out most of my rude comments including the craziness one, he is, for the most part, as respectful as he can be with this woman. However, she of course became a bit combative throughout their entire TEXTING conversation, since she would not answer the phone, and wound up saying to him “A few months ago when I offered you this place for $1,200 you told me Amanda couldn’t afford the rent and you didn’t want so what has changed now?”

Connor says, “Margaret, THE PRICE! You told me $800.00 for rent for the two of us! Your memory can’t be that bad! Aside from that, you keep offering us this place changing the rent and then you say you’re giving it someone else every few months, you always do this! This is ridiculous! You and I may have drawn up a new lease for my studio but I never signed it, so we will be looking for a new place to live.”

She said “Don’t you ever question my memory (I don’t remember the exact curse words she used but I’ll ad-lib a bit, sorry Connor) s*** head! I have the best memory in my whole family!”

UH…WHAT? No you don’t, crazy! She then proceeded to type up a whole text that she meant to send to the new ‘half owner’ of the land who we have never met and sent it to Connor by mistake (WHICH SHE ALWAYS DOES THIS) and in this text message she decided to talk a lot of s***.

So I will be keeping you all posted on THAT situation and in the meantime we are currently apartment hunting. I do have a question for you all who have apartment hunted before, are currently apartment hunting, and or have just done it for fun; what are some good apartment hunting websites? I have used Trulia,,, HotPads, the Pennysaver, I’m just curious if there is a site I have never heard of. Thanks in advance my sweets!

Let me know in the comments below if you have ever encountered a crazy person like this before or are we just the lucky ones? Also please let me know if you want me to keep you all updated on our outrageous situations! I will be posting pictures of the apartment that we finally decide to choose and I’ll probably post some YouTube Videos as well to keep you all up to speed.

Thank you all a million for reading, especially if you made it this far, my lord! Love you guys a bunch!

Amanda Badillo


10 Tips For Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

This is my favorite time of year; with Thanksgiving and Christmas being back to back you don’t have to wait very long to enjoy more turkey, more stuffing, and more pie! If you’re like me the holidays are not complete without have double helpings of everything at the dinner table. However, when you are trying to maintain peak fitness so that you can fit into that LBD on New Year’s Eve, too much food may derail those plans, so I’m giving 10 tips for staying healthy this holiday season.
1. Set holiday goals


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Jot down your health and nutrition goals before the holidays start. Knowing what you are trying to achieve can help give you that extra willpower when you are going for that third piece of pumpkin pie.

2. Cut down your own Christmas tree


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Get an extra holiday workout in by cutting down your own Christmas tree. Walking around finding exactly the right tree is a sure way to burn some calories!
3. Alter recipes


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We all know that most of the delicious foods we consume during the holidays are high in fat and in calories. When cooking this year, reduce the amount of sugar you use in desserts and instead of using white flour, use whole wheat flour.
4. Lighten up on the gravy


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When the gravy is being passed around this year, make the decision to just pass it along. If you can’t resist, only give yourself a small spoonful.
5. Be picky on the desserts


Photo Credit to

I am in no way telling you to pass up on the desserts, but be picky and eat only the most special sweets. If you look forward to that special pie your grandma makes every year, indulge…. but just because there are sugar cookies lying out does not mean you have to eat them.
6. Be picky with food in general


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Don’t fill your plate with a little bit of everything if you don’t love a little bit of everything. Only eat those foods that you really love.
7. Slow down while eating


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Be slow and thoughtful when eating. Give your stomach time to catch up with your eyes.
8. Get rid of the guilt.


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Do not allow yourself to feel guilty about indulging a little bit during the holidays. When you guilt yourself over allowing yourself foods you normally don’t eat you only breed more bad behaviors. Just relax and enjoy yourself!
9. Feel free to say no


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Even though your grandma is pushing you to have seconds or go back for more pie, politely say no.
10. Keep moving


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If you were working out before the holidays, you can still workout through them. Keep up the momentum, you’ve got this!


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Enjoy your holidays!

By: Victoria Nelson

10 Different Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Everyday there is someone somewhere telling you to try something because it has “wonderful health benefits”. In today’s world where everyone is trying to make a quick buck, it’s hard to know what really works and what doesn’t. However, I am here to tell you that coconut oil has some really great health benefits and it can be used for so many things! Here are the best 10 uses for coconut oil!

Nourish Your Hair:


Photo Credit to
Between all the blowing drying and curling we need something that nourishes our hair. Coconut oil has a unique fat composition that really does wonders. You can use it in a hair mask or in a hot oil treatment. You can also add coconut oil to homemade hair products as well.

Natural Bug Spray:


Photo Credit to
Store bought bug spray always makes your skin feel gross. However, you can make an all-natural bug spray by combining half a cup of coconut oil with 10 drops of tea tree oil. Mix these two ingredients together in a spray bottle, shake it up well, and keep those bugs at bay!

Moisturize Your Skin: 


Photo Credit to
Coconut oil is great natural moisturizer. The same properties that make it great for you hair also make it great for your skin! Coconut oil contains natural antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles and calm irritated skin.

Earwax Remover:


Photo Credit to
Warm coconut oil in the microwave till it is warm. Make sure it isn’t hot! Put the warmed coconut oil into a dropper (only about half a teaspoon), tilt your head to the right and drip oil into your ear. Let it sit for about 10 minutes then rinse you ear out with warm water. Repeat with other ear.

Hormone Support:


Photo Credit to
With all the different preservatives and fats placed in food, there’s no wonder our hormones become imbalanced. However, coconut oil contains specific medium-chain fatty acids that support our body’s natural hormone production.

Soothes Sunburns:


Photo Credit to
Apply coconut oil to sunburns as needed. I have tried this before, and I am here to say this works!

Foot Moisturizer:


Photo Credit to
Apply coconut oil to your feet, then put on a pair of socks and sleep in them overnight. In the morning, you should have soft, smooth feet.

Natural Deodorant:

Photo Credit to
Did you know that most store bought deodorants contain aluminum which is linked to many health issues including breast cancer? Get rid of those nasty deodorants and use coconut oil instead! Just apply it to your under arms and you are ready for the day!

Natural Makeup Remover:


Photo Credit to
Apply coconut oil to a cotton ball and remove your makeup. Not only are you removing your makeup, you are also nourishing your skin!

Lip Balm:


Photo Credit to
For beautiful, soft lips apply coconut oil like you would lip balm.

So there you have it, the top ten ways to use coconut oil in your everyday life! Which new way will you try? Do you already live by the coconut lifestyle? Leave us a comment below and tell us which coconut oil tip was your favorite!

By: Victoria Nelson


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Lazy Makeup Mondays! On YouTube

Hey awesome readers!

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting regularly here! I’ve been so busy with creating new videos for The Young Shopaholic’s YouTube channel! I feel like with the YouTube channel in place it gives me an extra way to get to know you guys and you guys can get to know me! I will be posting up another blog post soon regarding fall outfits so definitely stay tuned for that!

However, if you have not seen my new YouTube video yet here it is! I decided to do a Lazy Makeup Monday yesterday while it was raining, please take a look and if you like the video give it a thumbs up, share, and please subscribe!


First YouTube Video for The Young Shopaholic!

Hello awesome readers!

I am just adding up a quick post letting you all know that I finally did it…I finally got up enough courage and created a YouTube account! I have finally uploaded a video that took me oh I don’t know hours to process! The video contains a little bit about me as well as a makeup tutorial on the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills!

I just wanted to say thank you all so much for sticking by me and my blog it truly does mean the absolute world to me, you guys are the best! I decided to create this YouTube account for all of you guys so there is a more in depth process on my reviews of makeup as well as my how to’s/looks. So without further ado, here it is the first official YouTube video for The Young Shopaholic!

Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette

Lately, I have seen so many makeup reviews, tutorials, and beautiful pictures that have been dedicated to Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette that I decided to join the bandwagon! I went out on a limb today and purchased this palette which runs for $42.00 (not including tax) and let me tell you about how worth it this palette is!



First off, can we please take a look at how cute this packaging is? It may be a little hard to see in the picture but the palette has almost a felt-like soft pink top (which feels incredible might I add)! What’s included in this packaging is of course, a mirror, and a fantastic two-in-one packing and blending brush. If I have one tiny complaint it would be I’m not a huge fan of the blending side of this brush. Personally speaking I find it a little too harsh but, it’s a palette brush it’s not meant to be fantastic and you know what? It definitely does the job! The packing brush however is amazing!


The next thing that I love about this palette is how pigmented all of the colors are! They are true to form and absolutely beautiful when they are applied. Another great quality is the fact that all of these colors are so easy to blend it’s almost effortless! You can create many different looks with palette, it’s definitely worth the money if you have it to spend!

Take a look below for a makeup look that I put together together today! I will also place a link to Anastasia Beverly Hills website for anyone who is interested in purchasing the palette.

modernmodern rmodern re

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette

Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to read this article! If you would like to see a tutorial on this look please leave a comment below or use the Contact Me page. If you would like to see more makeup looks please feel free to follow me on Instagram at @the_young_shopaholic or check out my personal Instagram @Ababayy18. Stay tuned for my next makeup review as well as some additional goodies that I will be adding to the site!

I just want to add that I am NOT at ALL affiliated with Anastasia Beverly Hills I am just a beauty blogger giving her honest opinion about this amazing palette.

Please like, share, and subscribe!

By: Amanda Badillo