You Will Always Have That One Kid In Every Class Who…

Have a kid in one of your classes that NEVER stop talking? Are you five seconds away from FREAKING OUT? Don’t fret, you are not the only one. Check out this funny rant for a relatable story on this annoying situation!


How To Overcome The Fear Of Leaving A Job

Having difficulty between deciding whether or not to leave your job or stick it out and hope for the best? Do you have your resignation letter typed out, feel relieved, but are too nervous to print it and fully commit to quitting? Check out my personal, recent experience, of putting in a two week notice and check out these 7 steps into overcoming that indecisiveness!

Friends Come And Go

The older you get the more your friends change. Unfortunately, sometimes your best friend no longer stays your best friend, and you’re stuck inside on a saturday night. So, what do you feel, what do you do? Check out this relatable and advice filled article; Friends Come And Go