10 Tips For Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

This is my favorite time of year; with Thanksgiving and Christmas being back to back you don’t have to wait very long to enjoy more turkey, more stuffing, and more pie! If you’re like me the holidays are not complete without have double helpings of everything at the dinner table. However, when you are trying to maintain peak fitness so that you can fit into that LBD on New Year’s Eve, too much food may derail those plans, so I’m giving 10 tips for staying healthy this holiday season.
1. Set holiday goals


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Jot down your health and nutrition goals before the holidays start. Knowing what you are trying to achieve can help give you that extra willpower when you are going for that third piece of pumpkin pie.

2. Cut down your own Christmas tree


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Get an extra holiday workout in by cutting down your own Christmas tree. Walking around finding exactly the right tree is a sure way to burn some calories!
3. Alter recipes


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We all know that most of the delicious foods we consume during the holidays are high in fat and in calories. When cooking this year, reduce the amount of sugar you use in desserts and instead of using white flour, use whole wheat flour.
4. Lighten up on the gravy


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When the gravy is being passed around this year, make the decision to just pass it along. If you can’t resist, only give yourself a small spoonful.
5. Be picky on the desserts


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I am in no way telling you to pass up on the desserts, but be picky and eat only the most special sweets. If you look forward to that special pie your grandma makes every year, indulge…. but just because there are sugar cookies lying out does not mean you have to eat them.
6. Be picky with food in general


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Don’t fill your plate with a little bit of everything if you don’t love a little bit of everything. Only eat those foods that you really love.
7. Slow down while eating


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Be slow and thoughtful when eating. Give your stomach time to catch up with your eyes.
8. Get rid of the guilt.


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Do not allow yourself to feel guilty about indulging a little bit during the holidays. When you guilt yourself over allowing yourself foods you normally don’t eat you only breed more bad behaviors. Just relax and enjoy yourself!
9. Feel free to say no


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Even though your grandma is pushing you to have seconds or go back for more pie, politely say no.
10. Keep moving


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If you were working out before the holidays, you can still workout through them. Keep up the momentum, you’ve got this!


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Enjoy your holidays!

By: Victoria Nelson


10 Different Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Everyday there is someone somewhere telling you to try something because it has “wonderful health benefits”. In today’s world where everyone is trying to make a quick buck, it’s hard to know what really works and what doesn’t. However, I am here to tell you that coconut oil has some really great health benefits and it can be used for so many things! Here are the best 10 uses for coconut oil!

Nourish Your Hair:


Photo Credit to Naturallivingideas.com
Between all the blowing drying and curling we need something that nourishes our hair. Coconut oil has a unique fat composition that really does wonders. You can use it in a hair mask or in a hot oil treatment. You can also add coconut oil to homemade hair products as well.

Natural Bug Spray:


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Store bought bug spray always makes your skin feel gross. However, you can make an all-natural bug spray by combining half a cup of coconut oil with 10 drops of tea tree oil. Mix these two ingredients together in a spray bottle, shake it up well, and keep those bugs at bay!

Moisturize Your Skin: 


Photo Credit to Naturalmentor.com
Coconut oil is great natural moisturizer. The same properties that make it great for you hair also make it great for your skin! Coconut oil contains natural antioxidants that help prevent wrinkles and calm irritated skin.

Earwax Remover:


Photo Credit to Remedyportal.com
Warm coconut oil in the microwave till it is warm. Make sure it isn’t hot! Put the warmed coconut oil into a dropper (only about half a teaspoon), tilt your head to the right and drip oil into your ear. Let it sit for about 10 minutes then rinse you ear out with warm water. Repeat with other ear.

Hormone Support:


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With all the different preservatives and fats placed in food, there’s no wonder our hormones become imbalanced. However, coconut oil contains specific medium-chain fatty acids that support our body’s natural hormone production.

Soothes Sunburns:


Photo Credit to Nhs.uk
Apply coconut oil to sunburns as needed. I have tried this before, and I am here to say this works!

Foot Moisturizer:


Photo Credit to Simplenaturalbeautytips.co.uk
Apply coconut oil to your feet, then put on a pair of socks and sleep in them overnight. In the morning, you should have soft, smooth feet.

Natural Deodorant:

Photo Credit to Healthyfoodusa.com
Did you know that most store bought deodorants contain aluminum which is linked to many health issues including breast cancer? Get rid of those nasty deodorants and use coconut oil instead! Just apply it to your under arms and you are ready for the day!

Natural Makeup Remover:


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Apply coconut oil to a cotton ball and remove your makeup. Not only are you removing your makeup, you are also nourishing your skin!

Lip Balm:


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For beautiful, soft lips apply coconut oil like you would lip balm.

So there you have it, the top ten ways to use coconut oil in your everyday life! Which new way will you try? Do you already live by the coconut lifestyle? Leave us a comment below and tell us which coconut oil tip was your favorite!

By: Victoria Nelson


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Cover Photo Credit to Organicfacts.net

5 Aussie beauty secrets


The Land Down Under is not only the country of great possibilities and breathtaking nature, but beautiful women as well. Of course, plenty of sunshine and the ocean are bound to make anyone look happy and radiant, but there’s so much more when it comes to the true and well-kept beauty secrets of the mesmerizing and gorgeous Australian ladies. For some beauty scoop, keep on reading.

Proper skincare

proper skincare

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Yes, sunshine and salty water water are undoubtedly great stress relievers, but in a country like Australia, these two natural delights may cause damage to the skin as well. To solely get the benefits, Aussie women use top quality skincare. Almost all products contain SPF, for maximum protection. Aussie cosmetic brands are specially made to provide the best possible care in the harsh conditions Australian ladies must deal with all the time, which is precisely why the rest of the world has become so interested in them. And for all those who want to get their hands on one of these brands, there is no easier option than to buy top quality cosmetics online.

Fun Exercising


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Not many people would use fun and exercising in the same sentence but, when it comes to Australia, this is not the case. To ‘be beautiful longer’, to feel fit and healthy, some Aussie women exercise a lot, which in turn also helps them to get rid of all the harmful toxins from their bodies. Exercising helps in many ways; it gives you more energy and helps you sleep better.  And with the possibility to exercise on the beach, swimming, surfing, snorkeling and so many other water sports, exercising seems like they’re having a day off from work.

Plenty of water

bottle of water

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This is an oldie but a goodie. Even if you’re tired of constantly hearing about how water helps maintain a youthful and healthy appearance, you still must accept this as a given. Drinking plenty of water is one of the many beauty secrets of women all over the world, but it’s an essential if you’re living in Australia. If you just can’t imagine yourself drinking a lot of water throughout the day, there are some tastier but equally healthy alternatives such as vitamin water or flavored water.

Soft Lips

lip scrub

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Lips play a factor to the appeal of your face, this is a well-known fact for Aussie women. No matter how clear your complexion is or if your makeup is on point, chapped and dry lips can ruin the whole appearance. Therefore, they deserve their own beauty routine, too. This doesn’t only mean applying a rich night treatment before going to bed, but also regular lip scrubs as well as constant the application of lip balm with an SPF when you are outdoors.

The Miracle of Coconut

coconut oil

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Aussie ladies were the first to discover just how powerful coconut oil can be in upgrading one’s beauty routine and skin condition. Even though it’s inexpensive, coconut oil is a real true treasure in a jar. It has numerous uses in the beauty world such as moisturizing oil for dry skin, repairing oil for dry or dyed hair and it can even be an effective makeup remover. The best thing about it is that it leaves the skin and hair smooth and silky; you can even use it for cooking!

If the part of the world you live in is not blessed with almost constant sunshine and there’s no ocean nearby, there’s no reason to give up pursuing your beauty ideal. If there’s one thing you should learn from Aussie ladies, it’s the fact that you need to adjust your lifestyle to your own conditions, thus creating a perfect balance with your surroundings and mindfulness.

Cover Photo Credit To Stocksnap.io

By: Mia Taylor

My Nightly Routine: Facial Cleansers/Makeup Removers!

There’s nothing better than the feeling of a clean, pimple free face. How would I know this? Well, because I have endured the random breakouts that take endless weeks to go away and I have also experienced the joy of having a clean, pimple free, revitalized face! How am I able to obtain these results and keep them? For starters, I have a nightly routine that involves an amazing eye makeup remover and a few facial cleansers! Please note that I have listed where your can purchase these products at the bottom of this article!

Avon Eye Makeup Remover


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I use this makeup remover every single night! It comes in a perfectly sized tube and the remover is in a lotion form which, in my personal opinion, leaves your face ten times less oily than makeup remover wipes! This remover truly does the job of picking up every possible spec of your eye makeup. The price of this bottle is only $6.00 and it can be purchased right from the Avon website.



Photo Credit To Amazon.com

What can I say? I got this trick from my momma! When I was amongst my pre to mid-teen years my face would just start to break out in random places. My zits would look like mount everest and they would stay that size for weeks on end (even when they were taken care of… if you know what I mean)! I would also suffer from black heads which we all know are the absolute worst! This cleansing cream is amazing for cleaning up random breakouts! The smell is of a very strong mint…picture Vicks Vapor Rub now double that smell! I personally like the smell for the fact that it smells cleans and not floral. The price of this jar varies around $3.00-$5.00 and you can purchase it from Walmart, Target, or Amazon!

Muddy Body Detox Clay Mask


Photo Credit To Muddy Body

Can I just say that I found Muddy Body on Instagram and instantly fell in love! The jar that I bought is called Detox, you use it only 1-2 times a week and it helps to draw out bacteria and toxins, reduces your pore size, repairs skin cells, and finally, it has blackhead and acne fighting ingredients! What’s another plus? Their products are all natural and cruelty free! I can’t begin to tell you how in love with their Detox mask that I am and I just began using it. I can already feel and see a difference. This jar is $23.99 and I also bought the applicator brush which is $4.99.

Nightly/Weekly Routine

So, here is my number one rule for all of my makeup lovers; take off your makeup at the end of the night. I can’t stress this enough, the number one no-no is to keep your face caked up with makeup all through the night! It can clog your pores, your skin can begin to look cracked/aged, you can suffer from red spots,…my gosh, the whole nine yards! Don’t believe me? Look it up, you’ll have nightmares for a week just reading about it let alone the pictures!

Now, following that number one rule; what I do every single night is take a tissue and apply my Avon Eye Makeup Remover and rub all along my eyes until nothing is left but my natural looking lashes, eyebrows, and dark brown eyes. To take off the rest of my makeup i.e. contour, lips, etc, I honestly just use regular soap and water until I see nothing. Next, I will apply Noxzema all over my face just incase a pimple on the rise thinks this is a game. This is not a game zit. I will end you. Quickly. Painfully. Warn your friends.


Once the Noxzema has dried, meaning that all of the ‘white cream,’ is barely noticeable anymore I will wash it off with warm water and splash my face again this time with cold water. The reason why I use cold water again at the end is because my mom told me years ago it ‘closes your pores back up.’ I have not researched that, I just listen to my mom and take her word for it. So, if you want to skip that step be my guest, if you want to listen to my mom because she’s cool with Santa Clause and is probably right about this, you are more than welcome to do that too. Next, you are going to apply your nightly cream and call it a night! Don’t know what cream to use anymore? Check out my last article Amanda’s Makeup Review: Face/Contour Necessities! where there are few creams that I have suggested.

Lastly, let’s say it’s that time of the week. No, not time of the month, the time of the week! The time to use my Muddy Body! If it is that time then I won’t use my Noxzema for the night. All I will do is go through the steps of removing my makeup, use some soap and water, and then I will mix the Muddy Body potion. All you need is a bowl/cup anything really that can be used as a ‘container’ if you will. You will use a spoon full of the Muddy Body powder, add a few drops of water to it, and then mix the two with your applicator. Once your powder has taken its Muddy Body form you will apply the mask all around your face. Obviously do not put it on your eyes, eye brows, or lips! You will then wait 10-15 minutes before washing it off.

“I lost track of time, my face is really stiff, how can I tell if its ready to come off?” Well, when you first apply the mask it is a dark green color, once it fully hardens it’s a strange light green color. If you hardly see any dark green, you should be ready!

You can remove the mask with warm water, it might take you a little while to get it off your face but hey, it’s mud, your life can wait for five minutes! Once you get this mask fully off, splash yourself with some cold water and apply your nightly cream.

Disclaimer: These products are suggested! This is what I use every night to once a week for certain products. Remember, these products might not work for everybody due to the fact that we all have different skin types! Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these companies, I just think that these products that I have listed are absolutely worth a try and they have personally worked for me so that is why they are all suggested!

What’s next on your list to buy? Are you excited to wash your face tonight? I know I am! Do you have any questions about any of these products or my routine? What other types of articles/tips would you like to read about? Leave a comment down below!

Avon: Eye Makeup Remover

Noxzema Classic Cleansing Cream

Muddy Body Applicator Brush

Muddy Body Detox Mask

By: Amanda Vadillo